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Any personal data held by ABFIT in relation to the running of Clubbercise, Zumba, Powerhoop or any other events is held in full accordance with the General Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Data is never shared with third parties or other organisations

Data is only used to

     assess the suitability of the class in relation to the participant's health.

     check the participants are over the age of 16 (therefore not children).

     record payment for classes.

     monitor attendance.

     contact you if a class is cancelled.

     confirm participants understand the nature of the class, the use of GDPR

     and to record their agreement signature.

If you pay online via Bookwhen the card data is processed by Worldpay who both comply with GDPR. ABFIT do not have access to the card data.

You can request to view the data we hold on you.

If you request in writing for the data to be erased I will arrange for your internet address to be deleted within one month. Your signed agreement form will be held for three years after your last attendance and then deleted along with your attendance record (to protect ABFIT from possible claims in accordance with GDPR rules "for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims").

Your data is securely stored.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear comfortable workout clothes for both Zumba and Powerhoop that you can move in ie: trackie bots/ legins, tshirt/vest top and trainer or studio shoes with not too much grip so you can twist. It is a good idea to wear an extra layer/ top for Powerhoop class due to the impact of the hoop.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Please bring plenty of water and a towel for both Zumba and Powerhoop.

Q: Can anyone join in?
A: Yes men and women 16+ are very welcome at all my classes but you will find that it is mainly women. If you haven't done any exercise for a while you may want to check with your doctors before you start.

You will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire PAR Q on the first Zumba, Powerhoop and Clubbercise class you attend-Please arrive 10 minutes early to do this!-This will be kept on file. You will need to confirm weekly that it is still relevant and you have no new illnesses or injuries.

Q: Do I need a partner?
A: No partner needed for Zumba, Powerhoop or Clubbercise they are group workout classes.

Q: I can't dance will I still be able to Zumba or Clubbercise?
A: Yes!  Both are suitable for dancers and non-dancers alike. These classes create a party-like atmosphere that provide a non-intimidating opportunity for non-dancers and new exercisers to participate in group exercise. This is especially true for Clubbercise where the dancing in darkened room makes everyone relaxed.

Q: I can't hula hoop! Will I be able to Powerhoop?
A: It doesn't matter if you have never been able to hula hoop. The great design, bumpy inside and weighted hoop means that the Powerhoop carrys it's self round.

Q: Should I book in advance?
A: No need to book for Zumba, just turn up

A:You don't have to book for Powerhoop either. But it is a good idea to ring Andrea before attending Powerhoop so she can makesure she brings a hoop for you.

 A: There is an online payment option for Clubbercise: www.bookwhen.com/clubbercisewithandrea

Q: How much does a class cost?
A: Zumba classes £6.00 pay as you go and you get a REWARD CARD

A: Powerhoop class is £6 P.A.G includes Powerhoop hire pay as you go.

A: Clubbercise £6 pay on door no booking required or **Get a discounted £5 ticket by pre paying online www.bookwhen.com/clubbercisewithandrea **