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A mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps. ZUMBA® is a mix of several different Latin and international dances styles; Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop, Cumbia, Bollywood, African and Cowboy yeehaa! Add some Latin flavour and international zest into the mix and you've got a fun fitness Zumba® class!

My Zumba classes are for everyone; all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes, even people that say they; 'don't do exercise!' Or that say 'they are un co-ordination'. Do you know what... with Zumba it doesn't matter because the beauty of Zumba is you don't have to be able to dance or need a partner.....you just listen to the music and have a go! You can work at your own pace. There is no right or wrong with Zumba, just a lot of FUN!

You will be exercising but won't realise how hard you're working because you are having such a good time! In my 50 minute Zumba class you could burn aprox 500 calories!!!! Wow :)

Expand your social circle as you meet new people from all walks of life. You may find that any stress that you were carrying from your day melts away as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music and fun party-like atmosphere!

REWARD CARDS at Snodland Zumba. On your first Zumba class you will be given a reward card with a stamp on it already. Then each time you come you get a 'stamp' collect 9 stamps YOU GET THE 10th CLASS FREE! WOOHOO FREE ZUMBA CLASS! *You can also use these for Clubbercise if you pay on the door*  

Zumba® was created by Celebrity fitness trainer, "Beto" Perez from Colombia in the mid-‘90s. He stumbled upon a concept of using his own native music in it's true form. A revolutionary new concept in fitness was born. The Zumba® Fitness-Party™ It has been a massive hit all over the world, and now it's taking the UK by storm!

Tina says..."For those who have not tried Zumba your missing out big time. It’s great for shaking off a few pounds and the smile factor is huge! Get to a class and give it a go!" Tina Smith Medway

Rachel says... "I've been going to Andrea's Zumba classes since September 2010 and have started her toning classes recently too. It really is the only exercise that I absolutely love and can't wait to get to the next class!
Andrea makes it so much fun and you actually don't realise that your exercising! Brilliant!
I can't get bored with Zumba because every few weeks Andrea has new dances to teach and she does it in a way that is easy to learn as well! And if you're like me and work shifts, Andrea does enough classes so I can fit them in when it suits me!
I’ve tried other fitness classes before but Zumba with Andrea is by far the best!"
Rachel 21 from Gravesend

Wanda says... “Zumba is the perfect form of exercise because it doesn’t feel like exercise. At the end you’re tired and sweaty but still want more because the music and Andrea’s sense of fun make it so enjoyable. If you don’t get the moves right straight away it couldn’t matter less - it doesn’t spoil the fun or exercise and it comes eventually. Andrea’s obvious enjoyment of it is infectious and she always makes me feel I’m doing really well despite my arms and legs going all over the place. Say goodbye to the gym and enjoy your exercise for a change!” Wanda Wright (61 yrs) kent

Sarah Says.... "I love Andrea's Zumba class. I go with my friend and we don't stop laughing at each other trying to shimmy! Everyone has great fun and you really don't realise how quick the time has gone or how hard you are actually working.
I especially love the Wednesday morning class as my youngest can come along and watch while she is colouring in.
I'm really looking forward to starting the new toning stick classes in the new year." Sarah Butler Gravesend

Kay say... I never thought exercise would be fun but I went with my sister for the first time and loved it - I actually wanted to do a back to back class!! I feel better in myself, more energy and after two children that is exactly how I want to feel - better about myself.
Zumba is lots of dancing and you end up singing along to the music because it is such great fun. I never thought I would enjoy myself exercising but you do and everyone else around you does and majority of that is down to the instructor, Andrea, making you feel comfortable no matter what age, size etc you are.
I travel from Dartford to her venues so it must be good!!
Give Zumba a try as I know you will enjoy yourself and keep coming back again and again. Kaye Gillard Dartford

            (ZUMBA FOR KIDS)

ZumbAtomic® now has a brand new name.... Zumba Kids® and Zumba Kids Jnr® Woop woop it is unique fitness programme designed for children aged 4-12 years. It incorporates movement and dancing to all the great Zumba rhythms and children learn about dance styles of music and culture. It also includes fun motivational games!. Kids can’t wait to get into the  Zumbatomic® groove!

How about a Zumba Kids® Party? Let me entertain your kids for you! With dances, dance workshop, games and competitions finished off with a disco!
They are great fun for your children ages 4-12 years girls and boys.                                                            To check availability...       Want more details......      GET IN TOUCH! xx andrea.zumba@hotmail.co.uk